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Who is this for? 

Adults and children (from 10 years) 

Children younger than 10 can attend with a caregiver.

Private or group sessions as arranged to suit your needs.

Friend or family groups.

Or I can make up a group.

Sessions up to 2 hours.

Maximum of 4.

What can I expect:

These sessions are for complete beginners or those with some experience with fibre crafts. 

Could include hand sewing, machine sewing, crochet, knitting, macramé.

Make craft, furnishing and clothing items.

Note: this is not a teaching session. I will support you with what you choose to do.

Become confident with a new or existing craft.

Express your creativity.

Become independent in your learning.

Receive gentle guidance to think through your projects.

Contact me for more information and expressions of interest.







Mentoring Sessions

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